Kelly ayeeee haha ;)
W3$T$!D3 !
*92' biatch, do the math

Ok y’all tonight we got Tia Lou’s 14th year anniversary & special deal for friends and family $100 belvedere vodka! Hit me up before it’s sold out!! #belltown #tialou #steadyproductions #lucyfriday

Tomorrow night is Tia Lou’s 14th anniversary!! Join us in celebrating their big accomplishment and hit me up for guest list and bottles!! #tialou #belltown #lucyfriday #14thyearanniversary #steadyproductions

Clubbing with my cuddy at volume 😘❤️❤️

The lighting is soooo coooool lol me & my baby😍

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY CUDDY!! I freakin love your hair❤️❤️❤️ && I hope that all your wishes come true && that you have a good birthday!! We still have one more year to drink legally!! So I can’t wait(vegasbaby) I love youuuuuu😘😘😘 (at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse- Southcenter)

Yoooo tonight it’s going down with special guest #DJCONRAD performing live at Tia Lou!! For family and friends, we also have a special deal for $100 belvedere vodka for tonight only!!! So hit me up & I hope to see everybody there! Also please follow @steadyproductions #belltown #lucyfriday #tialou #blackoutartist #steadyproductions

Come out to #fadewednesdays y’all!! To celebrate my bro’a @djjaeelsteady ‘s birthday!!! So join us tonight as it may be the last Wednesday he will attend :( we also have $3 you call it’s & $100 bottles before 11! So hit me up, ladies free all night and guys hit me for the guest list #corbu #belltown #steadyproductions

Everybody started crowding around this little critter so cuteeeeee 😍😍😍 #babysquirrel #residentfoundhim #namedhimfranky #thoughthewasdead #taecleanedhim #uhs

Won the game!! Victory is ours:)) great start to the new season 👍❤️ #ginyuforce #maytheforcebewithyou #fresh #infinitybrand #caughtoffguard

Saw so many old faces last night❤️& my feet started hurting like usual lol #hurtstobebeautiful #yafeelmegals #happybirthdaymonica #missingvichena #luckystrike (at Lucky Strike Bellevue)

Since the first time we matched with camo wear we knew that would be our favorite couple color hahaha 💚😘 #twinning #yunning lolol #miamor

Mini strawberry macaroon!!!!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ (at Boiling Point - Seattle)

First time here with my love😘🍝🍹

Tomorrow night at Tia we’ve got special guest DJ Wellman in the house!! Also it’s my bro’s birthday weekend so come out and celebrate with us!! Hit me up for guest list and bottles! #tialou #belltown #steadyproductions #lucyfridays

Tonight we have special guest, DJ GREG LOPEZ spinning at Tia Lou. && we are also celebrating my bros 22nd birthday!!! Come out and join us!! Hit me up for guest list and bottles. See y’all there :))